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There is nothing more refreshing like spring cleaning but when the forces of mother nature does it for you it is exhausting! The floods of 2017 affected so many..over 4000 residences in Quebec. Having your house or apartment flooded and losing keepsakes or furniture and photos or your belongings is devastating! The things I have learnt;

-keep any and all important things on higher floors especially pictures or negatives! 

- be ready if there are chances of flood! Keep emergency numbers on hand for help like a company that specializes in cleaning after a disaster. They have all the equipment you need. Calling ahead of time and getting their rates is a good idea. Rental companies as well should be checked out for industrial sump pumps or and a generator, heaters and fans and dehumidifier.  

-know what is excluded in your insurance policy it might make you rethink or renegotiate before the worst happens...

-if you get flooded and some of your electronic stuff get damage by water drying with a blow dryer and  putting in rice in a ziplock bag leaving in the sun and using Dust off (compressed gas duster) are all good tricks to try to save your things. 

-Negatives that get wet can be saved by using a bin that has water at 20C/68F with a few drops of dish soap. You rinse the negatives in it (be careful not to rub them you might damage them)  for a few seconds and then put them down on paper towels to dry. It is the same process for prints and the faster you do it after they were soaked in flood water the better chances you have of recuperating them. 

-I also found that papers that are damaged by water can look fine but can't be kept as they are soiled. You can photograph it with your camera to make a copy or even with your smart phone at least you will have a memory of it. Wether it is old family recipes or drawings you did when younger it is nice to keep a memory of it. 

-keep phone numbers of your neighbours handy so you can communicate with them. There is nothing like a natural disaster to bring you closer to your neighbours and get help or give help.

-dont be shy to ask for help, call 911 or 311 for your city and also call your Hydro company if you think the water touched your electric panel. 

-have a plan with your loved ones in case it would happen.

-sand bags when wet weigh approx.60 to 80lbs the upside to moving 40 bags is you get great exercise and no need to go to the gym for the day and the next day ..when you will feel every muscle in your body 😩💪

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