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10 days ago Paris was attacked... My heart sank when I heard the news! I pray for a better more Loving, Peaceful, Productive and Positive World, a more Human place! Amen...

Paris is one of my favorite cities and the world's finest Fashion Capital, known for it's great iconic monuments, the Eiffel tower and Arc de Triomphe and is also in the top 10 best food cities in the world. Chanel, Dior, Louis Vitton, Balmain, Christian Louboutin, Hermès, Agnès B, Pierre Cardin, Yves St-Laurent, Chloé, Cacharel and enfant terrible Jean Paul Gaultier all have succeeded famously and continue to leave their mark for us to wear. Jean Paul Gaultier has used stripes in his collections over the years making it his Signature. His fixation over stripes started when he was young when he wore striped tops and later was influenced when seeing the French Navy in their tops. He began using them when he was designing a raincoat collection and he sketched a coat with stripes. His stripes have evolved and grown up into the Mah Jong Matelot collection of Roche Bobois a furniture company. He is well known for wearing a kilt and his Breton striped sweater. Jean Paul Gaultier's clothing and furniture are irresistible and one more reason I love Paris and I say "Vive la France" and I too believe what Edith Piaf say's in her song Hymne à l'amour "Dieu réuni ceux qui s'aiment" God unites those who love one another!

The "Stripes" photoshoot featured this month was shot with Muriel from Montage models and the team of Sophie Lanza styling this amazing look and Johanne Doyon on hair and make-up giving Muriel a flawless look. A warm Thank you to my assistant stagiaire Lawrence Meunier for her precious help on this shoot.

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